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Skunk Predators

Skunks are extremely popular for the unique coloring that they have in the body. On the other hand, skunks are releasing a pungent smell. The smell is one of the most prominent defense mechanisms that skunks have as well. They are heavily relying on it in order to ensure their protection while spending time in the wild. However, this doesn't mean that the skunks are safe from predators. You can find how skunks are having a large number of predators. They include animals that hunt on skunks from the ground and animals who kill skunks from air. They are capable of hunting down skunks successfully, regardless of the pungent smell that they release. In order to get a better understanding about the predators of skunks, you need to be aware of their habitats. This will also assist you to learn how skunks hide themselves from the predators. Skunks are usually capable of surviving both cold and hot weather conditions. That's because skunks are living inside burrows, nests and other selected areas. Due to their ability to live in a variety of environments, you will often be able to find how they are being preyed upon by numerous animal species as well. However, the skunks are using their self-defense mechanisms to the best extent to stay away from the risks that they have to deal with from the predators. They are only successful at certain instances. The ground predators that skunks have include coyotes, cougars and red foxes. On the other hand, domestic dogs are known for killing skunks as well. That's because some of the domestic dogs don't like to see the presence of skunks. However, some of the predators are not tending to kill skunks at all times. That's because they are aware about the pungent natural spray that the skunks are capable of releasing. Hence, they tend to attack skunks only when the other options available to them are limited. Skunks are having a large number of aerial predators as well. When you take a look at the list of aerial predators that skunks have, you will notice that eagles are topping the list. They are capable of striking skunks from the sky. The sharp vision of eagles can deliver excellent assistance for them to kill skunks. They are capable of consuming the skunks with ease because of their quick reflexes. In fact, they don't allow skunks to release their pungent smell. However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the birds are having a sense of smell that skunks have. Such birds are usually reluctant to attack skunks.  Human beings are not usually a threat to skunks. That's because humans are well aware about the pungent odor that the skunks are capable of releasing. Hence, they prefer not to disturb the skunks. However, humans tend to stick to the repellent methods, which assist them to keep skunks away from their living spaces with ease.

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